Funding For Craftsmen: Cheaper For Financing

New tools, pre-financing resources, new vehicles: Craftsmen often need fresh means to stay competitive. Subsidies are available with favorable conditions.   The benefits of funding with grants   Grants are a cheap solution for craft businesses to finance. They are usually not only cheaper than a loan through a bank or the regular use of […]

March 26, 2019

Are You Dependent? How Entrepreneurs Reduce Financial Dependencies

Many medium-sized entrepreneurs are dependent on their financial service provider – and are not aware of it. The realization usually comes only when it is too late and the financing fails. Many medium-sized companies rely on a single banking partner in financial matters. It makes sense to think about the care of several financial partners […]

March 11, 2019

Early Financial Planning Has Many Advantages

    Anyone who proves far-sighted as an entrepreneur and plans to invest in the company over the long term gains greater room for maneuver. The consulting firm Deloitte, for example, recommends a lead time of at least one year on the due date in a study on SME finance. The more time available, the […]

February 9, 2019