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Creditea offers 2 different solutions to get fast money in only 15 minutes, loans of up to € 5,000 to pay in a maximum of 3 years (36 months) and lines of credit for which the client will only pay interest for the money provided. The interest rates are much lower than the rest of the quick loans in the market.


No Payroll:
Do not
With Asnef:
Do not

Minimum term:
1 day
36 months
Minimum loan:
€ 100
Maximum loan:
€ 5,000

Creditea additional information

 Creditea (formerly Hapicredito) is an online financial institution belonging to the International Personal Finance PLC group, present in 14 countries and with more than 2.8 million customers. Creditea is specialized in the granting of quick loans and credit lines of up to € 5,000 in a few minutes with attractive interest rate conditions and a term of 1 to 36 months.

Creditea loan conditions are transparent and interest rates are the most competitive in the fast loans sector. Their products are very flexible and in the case of the line of credit the clients only pay interest for the money really willing and can always advance the payment to save costs.

Whether you prefer a loan or a line of credit , the amount you can request at Creditea is 500 to 5,000 € and the term you choose between 1 month and 24 months (2 years). The answer to your request is processed urgently and you get the answer in 15 minutes.

One of the advantages is that you can ask for money and return it in installments, even if the amount of money is small. In this way Creditea customers have easier to return the money.

How to request a quick loan at Creditea?

The application in Creditea is made through the Internet and the procedure is very easy and intuitive, there are no cumbersome steps or paperwork, to request the money the only requirement is to have a source of monthly income but it is not mandatory to be a payroll . The steps to ask for the credit are:

  1. The first step is to access the Creditea application page where you will see a simple form in which you must enter your ID or NIE number and your mobile phone number. After filling in the mobile number you must click on the button ” Ask for your code ” (see image below). You will get a key to your mobile number that you must enter in the next box and press ” next “. With this they have verified the DNI and the mobile number to avoid fraud.

    Application form in Creditea

  2. You access a second form in which you must indicate the amount of money you need between € 500 and € 5,000 and the return period between 1 and 36 months.
  3. Finally fill in your personal and contact information to finalize the application process.
  4. At this moment Creditea studies the application and in a few minutes they inform you through SMS or email if it has been approved, if so, you must accept the credit from the private area of ​​the Creditea website.
  5. The money is transferred to your account in just 15 minutes after accepting the quick credit.

As you can see, to request one of Creditea’s loans you only need an Internet connection and fill in some information in less than 5 minutes, the answer is very fast so you do not have to wait and you know almost immediately if you have the money urgent you need.

Loan or line of credit?

Creditea offers 2 different financing solutions since the client can choose between a loan and a credit, which are completely different products. We detail the characteristics of each of these products.

Personal loan of up to € 3,000 from Creditea

It is a traditional loan in which the client chooses the amount and the term, the money is transferred to the client’s current account and every month he will pay a fixed monthly payment established from the beginning. The return period ranges from 1 to 24 months and the monthly interest applied is fixed at 4.99%, which is much lower than other fast loans that normally apply 30% per month.

The great advantage of this loan is the convenience of being able to return the money in installments and from the customer area partial or total repayments can be made at any time to lower the cost of the loan or cancel it.

If a month can not pay the fee, Creditea allows the option to request the so-called “respite month” to avoid having to make the payment for a month.

Credit line

The line of credit allows obtaining financing of up to € 5,000 in a few minutes, but only interest will be paid for the money that is actually used. After the concession, Creditea enables the money in the account of the client’s private area, and as long as the money is there, it does not generate costs. The customer can withdraw money to his checking account from another bank whenever he wants and will pay interest for the money he withdraws . So, if your limit is € 5,000 and you use € 1,000 you only pay interest for the € 1,000 you have used and you can have the other € 4,000 when you need it.

The first transfer you make to your bank account has no costs, the following have a commission of 3.99% of the money you transfer.

The interest rate of the Creditea credit line is 4.99% per month, but only the money used is paid. The client can always withdraw money or enter to cancel the debt and reduce costs.

The minimum payment each month is € 10 and the maximum the customer wants to cancel the credit.

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In both cases you can ask for up to € 5,000 and depending on the personal needs of each client you can choose between the online loan or the line of credit.

To return the money there are several options from the private area to choose between bank transfer, card or PayPal.

Creditea offers the most flexible loans and credits that can be requested online , with interest rates lower than those of its direct competition and with the possibility of extending terms or making early repayments at any time and for any amount.

If you have questions or opinions of Creditea you can leave a comment that will be of help to other users.