Entrepreneurship becomes a university career

  • Being able to have an idea and turn it into a business can be a safe conduct to avoid the tail of unemployment.
  • The Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innvation degree (Leinn) is the official university degree pioneer in Entrepreneurship in Spain.
  • This race wants to train young people to know how to start as a team.

Encouraging entrepreneurial spirit from school or encouraging university students to study a degree in Entrepreneurship seems to be fashionable at a time when having new business ideas is presented as an opportunity for students, future workers, to avoid the queues of unemployment. 

“Curiosity, initiative and being pro-active” are some of the qualities that an entrepreneur must have, says Enrique Cat Calvo, a second-year student of Leinn’s degree (Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation) , created by the educational innovation company Teamlabs. .

This pioneering official university degree in Entrepreneurship offers young people the opportunity to train in modern spaces (“impact hub”) of continuous learning in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​attend some classes at the University of Mondragón (Guipúzcoa) and travel to Finland, San Francisco, China, India or Brazil.

Curiosity, initiative and being pro-active are some of the qualities that an entrepreneur must have. The main intention of this career, according to Teamlabs, is to train young people to undertake as a team and work on real projects with a perspective of global citizens.

Cat, who is also finishing Biology at the Autonomous University of Madrid, had as an entrepreneurial idea to use composting with earthworms (animals that convert what they eat into compost) to recycle from paper to alperujo (pressed olive residues) and create fertilizers with them.

This ecological waste management is one of the many projects developed in the “hubs” of Leinn, where small teams work. Each student of Leinn must get a real benefit of 10,000 euros in the four years of the degree.

Boys are more targeted than girls to this type of degree and most of the projects revolve around the Internet, although there are also other simpler ones with which money is also invoiced, such as the organization of a party, he adds.

The objective is to encourage any entrepreneurial initiative that has Entrepreneurial training is also present in the University of Barcelona (UB) through the Basic Module in Entrepreneurship for Degree (in collaboration with RedEmprendia), which can continue from this year students (lasts eight weeks and brings three credits) of any career, including alumni.

“The objective is to encourage any entrepreneurial initiative undertaken by undergraduate students,” says the tutor of this course, Jordi García, who is an associate professor at the UB. Students, through blended learning, receive information, recommendations and examples so that they have “more tools when it comes to entrepreneurship”, he says.

“Among those who are afraid to undertake and those who do not even think about it, the University has a very important task” to make many more graduates take a professional exit when they finish their studies , he argues.

Precisely, next Monday the Ministers of Education and Industry, José Ignacio Wert and José Manuel Soria, respectively, present the second edition of the Entrepreneurship Program, which will offer more than 160 courses to train some 3,500 university students.

Foster it from school

And at school, entrepreneurship does not go unnoticed either. The educational reform itself or “Ley Wert” includes it in its curriculum as a subject to work within all subjects, especially in Secondary; and the Commission of Education of the Congress recently approved a proposal not of law presented by the PP to urge the Government to foment the emprendimiento in all the plans of study, from Primary.

They asked themselves what they could contribute to society or what needs they could cover. An example is the sixth grade students of the High Capacity Program of the Community of Madrid who participated this month in Joinlab , a workshop for young innovators organized by the region , the Foundation of the Business Confederation of Madrid and the University-Business Foundation.

A children’s / youth magazine to raise awareness about environmental problems, trash backpacks for recycling, jackets with solar panels for charging mobile devices or day hotels for pets are some of the attractive projects developed by some students who wondered what they could contribute to society or what needs they could cover.