Indemnified Credit in Tocantins with a Term of 84 months



Payroll loans in Tocantins with a new term. The public servants of Tocantins will be able to make consigned credit in 84 months. The Decree has just been published and all state public servants of Tocantins can contract loan on consignment with up to 84 months, that is, seven years to pay, the authorization came from Governor Siqueira Campos.

It is worth mentioning that most of the Brazilian states allow the consignment in sheet in up to 60 months. The payroll for retirees and pensioners also up to 60 months. The private payroll varies according to the combination, while the Banco do Brasil in some states that had exclusivity, granted payroll-deductible loans in up to 96 months.


Payroll deductible loan operations


Payroll deductible loan operations


Currently, the State of Tocantins has 72,000 payroll deductible loan operations, operations that can be renegotiated total about 64,000 with the new term that will begin to take effect.

In Tocantins approximately 36 thousand servers are able to take payroll deductible credit, the measure aims to benefit them with the possibility that, with the longer term, to be able to take more money in operations. In addition to the possibility of making new loans, the new term also opens the door for refinancing existing payrolls and also the purchase of loan debts with change. It will still be possible for the Tocantins’ servers to renegotiate existing financing.

The novelty was disclosed in the palace of Araguaia during the meeting of the 1st. State Secretary, State secretaries of Institutional Relations, Eduardo Siqueira Campos, and Administration, Lúcio Mascarenhas gave the news to the media that were present. The advantages with the change of term in the matched to 84 months should cause a greater competition between the banking and financial institutions that are agreed with the Government of Tocantins.

According to Eduardo Siqueira, the Decree will cause a progressive fall in interest on payroll deductible loans in Tocantins , the extension of the term is valid for new operations, that is, public servants of Tocantins who want to make the credit in sheet can request in 84 installments.

The initiative seems to be optimal, it is worth remembering that as the extended deadline for 84 installments, the loans will be offered with equivalent interest, but the debit balance will be much higher, despite the fact that the parcels are low, not to mention that the Tocantins’ the leaf compromised for seven years. is a long time.

As servants have a craze for making loans , buying, repurchasing and selling loan debts and refinancing, in addition to debt-for-loan loans made in associations and credit unions, in a short time indebtedness and outstanding indebtedness should occur. The idea is good, but if the server is not careful, the benefit could turn out to be a punishment, affecting the budget as a medium-term clock bomb.

The Tocantins payroll loan with a maturity of 84 months starts to run from February 1 until May 31 of this year, after that period, the previous term with a maximum of 60 months is back.