Savings Association Loans


Association of Savings and Loans in Brazil, is it possible to contract credit in these entities? How does this Association work? In this article we will know a little about Associations that lend money to interest. Is it interesting to think that when we need loans , the first type of institution that comes to our head? The bank or financial, some are already borrowing financial resources in cooperatives, but are still expressive operations.

Well, these may be the most common types when applying for personal loan, but they are not the only ones. Before deciding which credit scheme best suits you, look more closely at the monthly budget to see if there are more subtractions.

It is also important to know a little about each of the lines and alternatives to get money at interest. Have you ever heard of Savings and Loan Associations? Do not know what this type of association is all about? Come on then, we’ll try to explain the easy way.

What are Savings and Loan Associations? According to the website of the Central Bank, a “Savings and Loan Associations” is an organization constituted in the form of civil society, being common property of all members, as well as in a cooperative. They have both active and passive operations.

Active operations :

Active operations :


those that are directed to the Real Estate Market and the Housing Financial System (SFH). Passive operations : they are formed by the issuance of bills and mortgage notes, savings account deposits, interbank deposits and external loans. Those who deposit, or invest in a Savings and Loan Association are the shareholders of this association, but do not receive income, but rather dividends. These funds deposited by shareholders are part of the net equity of the association.

Is it possible to hire a loan in association? Of course! An example that offers money at interest is the Savings and Loan Association is the Poupex. The company offers services such as “Poupe Poupex” and “Poupex Real Estate Financing” and the Poupex – Army Military Loan. Poupex Poupex has four types of modalities. Savings Savings and Savings Savings Program are aimed at the general public.

Savings Savings Salary is specific to those who receive salary from the Bank of Brazil and Savings Savings Automation has as target audience the military and pensioners of the Armed Forces.

The real estate financing offered by the association can be done by federal military, pensioners and civil servants of the Armed Forces, Banco do Brasil, servants of contracted agencies (the list with the institutions you can confer on the entity’s website) and other associates. The amounts released to finance the acquisition of a property vary from R $ 120 thousand to R $ 800 thousand, depending on each profile.

Another type of financing made by Poupex is the Individual Construction of the Own House (CICAP). The values ​​evaluated that can be financed by the association are divided into three categories: up to R $ 150 thousand (the financing is up to R $ 120 thousand), above R $ 150 thousand up to R $ 500 thousand (the financing is up to R $ 400 thousand) and above R $ 500 thousand up to R $ 1 million (financing can be up to R $ 800 thousand).